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RODITAS: RObot DIdáctico para Técnicos de Automação de Sistemas 

Roditas no Pav. Conhecimento

RODITAS and the educational robots of the small company IDMind playing with a future scientist at the Pavilhão do Conhecimento in October 1999.

RODITAS has been shown at several expositions now: besides 1 week at the Pavilhão do Conhecimento (one of Lisbon's Science Museums), it was demonstrated at three Ciência Viva Forum, as well as in the Feira de Orientação Escolar e Profissional (FIL, 11-17/June 2000) and Contributos do PRODEP II(1994-1999) no Desenvolvimento do Sistema Educativo, held at Forum Picoas, 17-19/June 

Roditas Roditas por baixo

ISR/IST-ICLab (and now the new formed Intelligent Systems Lab) is partner of a project supported by the Portuguese former Ministry of Science and Technology CIENCIA VIVA programme. The project is leadered by INETE , a professional school located in Lisbon. Its main goal is to guide high school students through the construction steps of a small mobile robot, that will act as a test platform for electronic and electromechanical devices.

The project has a 3-year horizon, and it has been funded for the first two years now. New funding for the third year was just approved.

In the first year, we helped the students building infra-red and contact sensors, including the layout design, components insertion, circuit analysis and understanding its function as part of the robot.

In the second year, the students are building the chassis with LEGO and assembling on it the two DC motors plus the corresponding power amplifiers.

The third year is devoted to programming the robot using a compilation from any high-level language (e.g., C) to PIC micro-controller assembly language. The project has now become part of the curriculum of several courses at INETE.

Check the main page of the project Roditas (in portuguese) and check the  main page of the project Roditas II   with the new structure of RODITAS II.

The work at ISR/IST was carried out by Paulo Alvito and Carlos Marques.

Pedro Aparício was the designer of our first prototype (see images above).

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